Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been in Paraguay for 9 months now, and in site for nearly 7. I am completely settled in my little wooden house, and have a garden that’s over flowing with lettuce and hopefully some other vegetables soon. I have my dog Berenjena, who is recovering from a bit she received at the jaws of an other dog… unfortunately her wound got some sort worm infection (I promise that while not pleasant, this is not as gross as it sounds). My neighbors recognized what it was immediately helped me treat her. I also have my cat (of undetermined sex), Shrek, who spends days away from home. But when s/he dose finally decide to spend some at home, s/he is like a living hot water bottle during the cold nights.

Speaking of cold nights, winter started about a month ago. My house is so far from being air tight, that when the wind blows outside, the clothes I having hanging up sway in the breeze. I was wearing several layers of clothing and hats and gloves to bed… but then the “Little San Juan Summer” started, and I was back to shorts and t-shirts! Apparently every year around this time there is a week or two of very warm weather.

In the middle of this heat wave, Cora arrived for a visit. Luckily she packed layers and so was prepared for anything. We have been visiting my neighbors, making venenos caseros (homemade bug repellent) for the garden and working on my garden. We have also been feeling the garden worms I acquired and harvesting their castings for my garden (yum!).

This weekend, Cora and I are going with another volunteer and his visiting friends, to visit Iguazu Falls where the boarders of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina meet. Apparently, its one of the most stunning water falls in the world. -on a side note, the movie “The Triple Frontier” or possibly “Sleeping Dogs” staring Tom Hanks is about this area (the illegal trafficking… not the falls). I don’t know when it will come out, but I think they started filming a few months ago.
On the 2nd of July, we will go to the Embassy to celebrate Independence Day (two days early). And then on the 7th of July, I loose one visitor and gain another! Cora heads back to the states, and Kate arrives. Its hard to plan anything too far ahead of time here, but Kate and I will probably work in my garden, start my demo plot (an example of how field crops and abonos verdes can be planed together), and maybe have a few English classes.

I am so glad that a few special people from back home are able to visit me and see my life here.
Jajotopata (Until next time)