Thursday, October 28, 2010

belated update

Oct. 8th 2010
I am beginning to realize that I came to PC at the right time in my life. You have to have a really strong sense of yourself before you come, or it will swallow you up. Happily, I do have a very strong sense of myself, but I don’t think I did back in senior year when I was first considering the PC. I am really glad I ended up waiting two year. Im going to do a much better job now, than I would have then.

Oct 27th 2010
I have a bigger impact on the kids in my host family than I anticipated. My cousin saw me using flashcards (that I have been making our of poster board due to the lack of index cards in this country), and the very next day she had made some flash card for herself out of blue poster board party disks (she is studying English). Knowing that I have people watching me and imitating my habits, definitely puts me on my best behavior. I want to be a good studious role model, not one that ignores studying to write blog posts….).
I’m going to be sending out semi regular massive email updates, since some people don’t really read blogs. If your interested, and you haven’t already received one let me know and Ill add you to my rather informal list.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

classes and training

Wow have my days been busy! Each hour of the day (or at least the time between 8 and 5) is heavily scheduled during training. When we have training at the main center, we have to take two different buses from our little outer communities. All in all, it takes about 40 mins to get from my casa, to the training center. Not a bad commute, although very crowded on the buses.
My host mother tought me a new, and delicious way to eat oranges. First you cut a bit of the top off, than you peal it with a knife, but leave it encased in the white skin. Then you slowly squise it and slurp up the juice as it rises to the top where you cut off a bit. Once you have gotten all the juice out, you can open it up and eat the pulp (if there is any left).
Very good.